If you have never before experienced the silence and peacefulness in the wilderness you can do it here at our place in Hallforsen. Imagine yourself walking kilometres further and further into the woods and the only thing that you meet is the song of birds. Perhaps you hear some small noise among the trees - then it might be an elk or a roe deer running away. Sit down on a stump and just listen to the silence, enjoying the view of a lake. Or row out with the boat to sit and watch the bobbing up and down. That gives peace to your soul. Sitting around the fire, hearing it crackling and feeling the warmth is not bad that either. Why not walk out late night to enjoy the darkness and the silence under the starlight sky? Here in Hallforsen you have the possibility to experince all these things. There are so much incredible things to discover in the nature!

We have about 20 km of small roads in the woods that are waiting for you. Many lakes, most with a boat, are close to perch and pike. In the beautiful Stengårdshult Lake you may find huge pike. There is also a wonderful separate beach which is very suitable for children. Sunset over that glassy lake....

Great possibilities to see wild animals. Elk, roe deer, hare, fox, badger, capercailzie and black grouse to mention a few. If you want to pick berries or muschrooms you are in the right place. The riches of the forest are for free. Please just use the nature in a good and responsible way and beware the so called "Allemansrätten".