Welcome to any of our two houses in Hallforsen! We offer first class houses in swedish country style and atmosphere.

Our accomodations are situated out in the country with the nature close to the houses. As neighbours you have fields, meadows, forest and both domestic and wild animals. Big gardens with a lot of space where there are also special barbeque places. Both of the houses have big terraces where you can enjoy the nature, the view and the calmness.

Eriksgård is just 200 m from the farm, while Styrshult has 5 km to the farm. Whichever of the houses that you choose you are very welcome to visit us at the farm.

Every house has an access to a wonderful separate beach by the Stengårdshult Lake, where there are also a few boats. This is a lake with a lot of nice small islands where you can bring your own picnic. There are also several lakes by the woods with a great oppurtunity for fishing. Those who have a fishing interest can any time take any of the boats for a fishing trip. At the farm we have a fishpond with game fish for those who want to try their luck. Popular among the families.

Below follow our accomodation alternatives:

In every house there are:

Quilts and pillows. Childrens bed (cot with bars). Children chair. All household you might need. Kitchen range, micro owen, fridge-freezer, dishwasher. Washing maschine, drying cupboard/tumbledryer. Cleaning material. Color TV, parabol, DVD, CD. Internet connection in wich you can choose the speed that fits your needs. Acess to all boats when you buy a fishing card. Motor is to hire.

We want to keep our houses clean and fresh and therfore it is forbidden to smoke inside. There is plenty of room if you want to smoke outside. We also wish that you leave any pets at home. No allergic person should be worried to come here.